Monopalme Sweammer

Monofins first appeared in 1972 and have been used for Finswimming competitions eversince.

These fins are now being used in sea, lakes, swimming pools, surface swimming, apnea and freediving.

Designed to be used by men and women of all ages.

The Monofin takes is inspiration from the natural movement of marine animals.

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Today SWEAMMER gives you the opportunity of experiencing this natural movement and launches on the world market:


HYDRA Aqua BlueTRITON OrangeMINOS BlackHYDRA Sweet pinkTRITON Sky BlueTRITON Yellow sub


With the evocative names of:

Minos Hydra Triton

Today it offers to all people, the possibility of practising this unique sport and leisure activity.

Allowing you to move like our marine mammals in a completely natural way.

Its world positioning makes SWEAM Monofins, the most accessible product on the market!

Chaussons TritonSweammer


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